About Network NZ

Network NZ Business Community was originally created by Michelle Goulevitch to meet the needs of business owners for a safe place online where business owners in New Zealand can connect, and grow their businesses. 

The idea proved popular and Network NZ has grown into a recognised brand and business group where people are comfortable to ask for help and offer it in return, in a true collaborative kiwi style, looking after the little guy all the way up to large businesses. 

Michelle created an amazing community, and while some still thinking she is super woman, she had the incredible support of her business partner Melissa Taylor, who helped her with everything from moderation to strategy. Michelle also surrounded herself with a team of trusted professionals to provide advice and support that she recognised that business owners needed. 

In a step to put her declining health as her first priority, Michelle made the tough decision to find new owners who held the core values of Network NZ.  Michelle chose Mandy Chamberlin and Candice Baker because she knew they'd be able to nurture and grow Network NZ within the same values of the business that were important to her from the start.  Mandy and Candice took ownership in early 2018 with a vision to continue what Michelle had created, and continue to provide the best support and resources to New Zealand businesses.

Network NZ has an incredible team of Business Leaders who provide advice and support in a number of different areas of business. They deliver our online coaching sessions and create practical business resources and tools for the Members Only area of our website, as well as support businesses within our communities every day. 

We are sure you will enjoy being a member of Network NZ but don’t just take our word for it, check out what our current members think. There is a real goldmine of information for New Zealand businesses, plus a community of fantastic members. 

If you haven’t yet, please join our FREE business support group, and check out our membership options. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you into our communities.                               

Mandy Chamberlin (pictured left)

Mandy (short for Mandy… no really, it’s not short for anything, it’s just Mandy) was one of the early adopters in Network NZ and has been an active member since the start of the membership community. She has also been running one of the Auckland Face to Face catch ups for the last 2 years. Mandy owns custom embroidery business, Veronica and Me Designs, digitising embroidery designs for clients worldwide, as well as creating customised embroidery products for clients in New Zealand. She lives in East Auckland, is married to Bruce and has 2 children, Veronica, aged 3 and Ariel aged 5 months.  Before starting her family and business, Mandy gained degrees in Psychology and Criminology and was a part of the Intelligence team with the Department of Corrections for a number of years. She is passionate about motivating and inspiring others and loves to see others succeed. 

Candice Baker (pictured right)

Candice is the NNZ Leader in Marketing, and owns The Marketing Baker, empowering business owners with the right marketing ingredients for success. She was recruited to Network NZ by Mandy when she started her business, and has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the community. Before owning her own business, Candice studied a Bachelor of Business and Information Management, with a second major in marketing, then worked in Marketing in businesses from kiwi start up’s to large international corporations. She is married to Jacques and has (THE cutest) 2 sausage dog fur babies, Frankie and Izzy. Candice loves supporting and building others up to achieve their version of their own success. 

We have known each other for almost 16 years now, and work well together. We are excited to be on this journey together with you.