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    I’m Gemma Knight

    Chief Word Nerd at Gemma Knight Writes

    #NNZLeader #Copywriter

    A Little Bit About Gemma

    Chief Word Nerd Gemma reporting for copywriting duty at Gemma Knight Writes

    When she was growing up, Gemma dreamed of being a writer. She has always loved words (hence the Word Nerd title) and has always loved to learn. So, writing for her clients feeds both of her passions. She get to learn all about their business, and then craft a written piece that showcases it. 

    After her years at Auckland University studying English Literature, she fell into the Corporate world and spent a good many years learning what she didn't want to do with her life. When she came back to writing several years ago, it was a natural step for her. She is lucky enough to spend her days doing what she loves and actually gets to earn a living from it. She also gets the satisfaction of helping other business owners promote and grow their business with the power of her words. 

    Great content is a vital part of any marketing strategy, so this is the area she specialises in. Whether it is blog posts, newsletter content, emails, or e-books, Gemma is your gal!