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    I’m Candice Baker

    The Marketing Baker, Managing Director of Network NZ
    and NNZ Leader in Marketing 

    A Little Bit About Me

    With over 12 years of hands-on marketing experience, I started The Marketing Baker in 2016 when I finally answered the calling to help small to medium sized businesses with marketing that works, and help them stop wasting money on marketing efforts that don't work! After studying a Bachelor of Business and Information Management with a second major in Marketing, I started my career in a small start-up which blossomed and transformed the transport industry in NZ, this ignited my passion for thinking differently, doing smart marketing and keeping at the forefront of what's available to give you the competitive advantage. I also worked in large international corporations with varying approaches to marketing and business. During this time, I had my own wedding planning business for 2 years, which was sold when the “dream job” fell into my lap.

    During the years of my first business, I was helping many of my suppliers with their marketing – and the desire to help small businesses with great marketing started to build even further, until the call was finally answered in 2016.

    My passion is fuelled by my client's success - they achieve very real results, which makes a large impact on their business and their reality. Each one of my clients is unique, with plans suited to their business needs at the stage they are at and with their desired results firmly in sight and the strategy in place to get them there, with marketing with the right ingredients for success.

    I am so passionate about seeing New Zealand businesses succeed, that when the opportunity to purchase Network NZ was on the table, it was without hesitation that Mandy Chamberlin, my long time friend and business buddy, and I knew this was the next step to supporting and growing people in business, and we became Co-Directors of Network NZ!

    Marketing Strategy99%
    Integrated Marketing99%
    Sausage Dog Obsession100%



    Recipe for Results

    What are you baking? Knowing what you are trying to achieve from your marketing and how, is the first step to effective marketing of your business. Let’s develop your recipe.


    The Planner

    Giving you the power to work on your marketing throughout the year, the It’s Time Marketing Planner System is your ongoing marketing implementation tool to guide you through working on different areas of marketing and keep your daily implementation on track.


    Baking School

    Learn how to bake up your own winning strategies and implementation techniques. This is ideal for business owners wanting to up-skill or to DIY. Register for workshops or training.


    Ideas Oven

    Innovation in marketing is keeping ahead of the curve, with cutting edge ideas and methods for reaching your ideal clients. Here you can find tools and ideas to do this.

    Why The Marketing Baker?

    Marketing Is Like Baking

    Marketing is very similar to baking. If you don’t put the right ingredients in or get the marketing mix right, you won’t get the desired outcome. No one wants failed marketing, or undercooked muffins, so let’s use the correct recipe to get results.

    The Recipe

    Your Marketing Strategy

    The Tools

    Your Marketing Channels & Systems That Support You

    The Ingredients

    Marketing Messages and Tactics

    Lovers of Baking

    Your Ideal Clients

    Taste Testing

    Measuring and Adjusting


    Above all, it is how I help my amazing clients. I help you come up with a recipe that has all the right ingredients to ensure the successful marketing outcome you want.

    No burnt cookies here!


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