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    Hi, I’m Cat, and I love to draw. My preferred style is Ligne Claire, which lends itself beautifully to illustrations for jewellery, fabric, and colourables. My images start out on paper, then I scan them, colour them, and create manual repeats for making into fabric. I print them out myself at various scales to seal into my jewellery.

    I draw my inspiration, pun intended, from my surroundings – my garden, suggestions from others, and my social media news feeds. I make my drawings into glass cabochon jewellery, and have it custom-printed as fabric, which I make into bags, scarves, accessories, and other practical items. I sell both the cotton fat quarters and the finished items at markets, along with an increasing range of colourable fabric projects. I also have several of my designs available online through my website.

    Under the umbrella of the Copper Catkin brand, I also offer stallholder display and sales mentoring and coaching as Copper Catkin Consulting, and I run the Petone
    Winter Markets and Wrought Makers’ Markets.

    To find out more about me and what I do please visit my website or contact me using the form below.

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      The place to go if you are wanting unique and beautiful gifts for yourself and others especially if you adore gorgeous fabric. So far I have bought 4 scarves, 2 necklaces, a colour in yourself cushion panel and a wee stack of fat quarters.  I plan to buy lots more, especially scarves. I received very friendly service at the market where I first saw Copper Catkin and I also have received fabulous service when I have bought online. 
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