Network NZ Leader Members

Every man and his dog nowadays are online saying how great they are and what they can do for your business. That makes finding and choosing the best service provider for your business really tricky. With being tricky comes the time you use up hunting for that elusive supplier as time you could have been spent bringing money into your business!

So that is why we have found some of the best service leaders in the country and given them our Network NZ support. These are people we trust and believe will add value to Network NZ and it's members. With multiple years in the business and being taken for a ride by cowboys before, it is important to us that we have experts who we can rely on.

We use them and recommend you do too! When you have a burning question, big or small, our leaders are happy to help share with you their knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise. They also run our Online Coaching Sessions for our Breakthrough Members. Check out their Bios to find out more about them.