How We Work

How It All Began

From a humble background as a small Facebook business support group in 2012, Network NZ has grown to the successful nationwide brand it is today. We are known for being a safe place where business owners can ask questions without being judged, discuss business pressures and offer support and encouragement to others in similar situations. But are we boring? Far from it, as Network NZ is also a place to have fun and chat with other similar minded people.

We offer you the chance to not only promote your business to other New Zealand based business, but to more importantly get the help and advice you need to grow your business. Network NZ has a supportive and non-judgmental culture. Members can ask questions about a range of business aspects including advertising, marketing, websites, retail stores, finding suppliers and customer service. When it comes to business help, we’re the best!


Business networking is also one of our great successes. We provide the platform for you to share your business knowledge with others, helping others to get to know the people behind a business name. In return, you build up your profile and people are more likely to choose your business the next time they need something that you sell. You get the chance to find out about others and their businesses, putting you in a better situation to make an informed decision on any products or services you may need in the future.


Our members include online and physical retail businesses, wholesalers and service providers who help us provide the highest level of resources, opportunities and support within Network NZ

Our Breakthrough Membership offers the best value for money. As well as access to a Members Only Facebook Group, we also have many other initiatives including online markets, collaborative giveaways, website reviews, ‘Ask an Expert’ feature, monthly business coaching sessions, hot deals, expert tips and advice, members only discounts or offers and members only resources. Members can also submit blogs or branded resources for publication on our website.

All New Zealand based businesses are welcome to join Network NZ and become a part of our successful business promotion team! We’d love you to come and help us grow New Zealand businesses and your own! So, come on, what are you waiting for!