Membership Benefits

Network NZ is a community of business owners and entrepreneurs based in New Zealand.  Becoming a member of Network NZ is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.  Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand and attract new customers, Network NZ offers a variety of support and opportunities to showcase your business to get your brand out there!  With plentiful opportunities to network, discuss and share knowledge, members of Network NZ have access to great business resources from every corner of the country!

Check out our Testimonials from our existing members and in the mean time, join our FREE Business Group so you can start becoming part of our wider community.


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Breakthrough Membership 

Network NZ’s Breakthrough Membership is a great place to build connections with like-minded business owners, work through the challenges of business ownership and celebrate the wins. This is a great platform for any business wanting to grow and develop, both in their business journey, but also personal development. We have a team of Network NZ Leaders who can support and advise you with various common business needs, as well as many members who are there to support and encourage you. There are opportunities to  connect with other business owners, have access to business resources and training, and showcase your products or services to help you grow.

The strength of this network is in its flexibility and relaxed environment, in which you can network with other business owners in ways that suits you and your business. Networking is a contact sport, so we encourage you to get involved in all of the opportunities that are available to you.

$107+GST 12 Month Membership

$67+GST 6 Month Membership

Included in your membership, you will get:

Access to Business Support Resources, including:

  • Connect with other business owners in our Breakthrough Members Only Facebook Group where you can network with other members in a flexible, relaxed professional environment as well as interact with our #NNZLeaders

  • Develop your blogging skills and grow your blog with access to our Network NZ Bloggers Facebook Group run by our #NNZLeader #Copywriter

  • Access to Members Only resources to help you with your business; including access to an exclusive New Zealand themed library of stock photos

  • Develop your skills and knowledge with access to a range of both live and pre-recorded online business coaching sessions from each of our #NNZLeaders included in your membership fees, as well as the ability to purchase additional online coaching sessions on a wider range of topics

  • Add credibility to your business and identify yourself as a Network NZ member when you use our 'Network NZ Breakthrough Member' Business stamp on your website and marketing materials

  • Save money with our Members Only discounts (from Network NZ, #NNZLeaders and other Breakthrough Members)

Opportunities to promote your business, including:

  • Increase your online presence with a listing in our well ranking public Business Directory on our website with priority ranking above Directory Membership Listings and a ‘Gold Star’ badge

  • Have your Directory Listing in up to FIVE classifications in the Business Directory

  • Opportunities to promote your business to other Network NZ members - including the paid membership levels as well as over 6,500 Community Members in our FREE Network NZ Business Community each week

  • Regular advertising opportunities on our Network NZ Facebook Page which has an audience of over 12,000 people

  • Advertising opportunities on our Network NZ Instagram Account which has an audience of over 10,200 followers

  • The ability to submit blogs and branded resources for publication on our website

  • Access to sell and showcase your products and services in our Network NZ Online Shopping group

  • In person and online networking opportunities

  • The opportunity to take part in Network NZ Online Market Promotions, showcases and Collaborative Giveaways

  • Add events to list on our Events Calendar

This is well over $1,000 worth of value for the cost of TWO coffees per month!

If you have a second business, or additional staff members, you can add them for $53.50+GST per membership (available for annual members only)


Directory Listing Membership

For businesses who wish to list in the Business Directory for SEO and marketing benefits, with a high volume traffic website with well ranked results on search engines.

$47+GST 12 Month Listing

$30+GST 6 Month Listing

  • Your Directory Listing in up to TWO classifications in the Business Directory
  • For Breakthrough Members to list any additional businesses in the Business Directory
  • Networking opportunities with other business owners in our active groups
  • Promote your business to other Network NZ members
  • Create events to list on our Events Calendar
  • Access to business resources on the website (members only area).

Network NZ Leader Membership - #NNZLeader

Our Network NZ Leader Membership is available by invitation only to service based businesses.  

We handpick businesses that we know will provide exceptional service and that we can recommend to our members without hesitation.  Each Network NZ Leader is reviewed annually and are referred to #NNZLeaders. You can see who they are here. 

Our #NNZLeaders provide support to our communities in their specific industries including the Online Coaching sessions, some of which are included for FREE in the Breakthrough Membership package, as well as other resources on our website and in our Facebook Groups.  They also provide a massive #valueadd service to our Breakthrough Members each week.

Please note that all membership options are subject to our Terms & Conditions and our groups Code of Conduct.