Feedback so far as been amazing, here is what some of our Foundation Members are saying!

"I'm so impressed with the service and value you get from being a Foundation member. There's always someone to ask when I have a burning issue no matter what industry or area. The collabs, markets and networking sessions have been a great way to grow my business. The network is also very educational so it's the perfect way to catch up on news such as new regulations and standards. Michelle is doing a mammoth job and is ALWAYS there to help."

Katja Karlsson, Vinyl Home

"On entering this Network group and becoming a Foundation member of Network NZ I had little knowledge of running a business,so that meant very little support. I have not looked back or joined any other group because I know I am in the RIGHT group for support , interaction , knowledge and expertise across many of the reoccurring issues . Along with social interaction, there is humour , and you are also amongst like minded businesses. I cannot stress enough the total commitment that accompanies this group.There is also the fun and knowledge of posts , webinars, and theme days to maintain a variety.You have every chance to be included in the collaborations and markets.This is the most helpful and non judgemental group.By joining this group your business will grow and grow."

Leanne Spice, The Great New Zealand Toy Store

"I joined Network NZ as a foundation member when my "hobby" became an official business in 2016. I wish I'd joined sooner! I discovered there were lots of things I should have been doing for my business that I didn't know about! The support is awesome, and being in a group with like-minded people is so helpful for info and to bounce ideas off. I've also used the accounting and other experts who so willingly offer advice, and the website review service is great too! Being involved in the giveaways and markets is great exposure. Join Network NZ - it's a fantastic investment! Thanks so much Michelle :) "

Jill Matthew, Jill Matthew Glass

"Please don't hesitate in becoming a Network NZ foundation member. What you will gain in your business growth and personal knowledge is worth the investment. The support from other business owners has provided me a powerful team of problem solvers and professionals. I especially enjoy the Webinars from the experts in their field. If you thinking are about joining, do it. I regret not signing up sooner!"

Apryl, Merlesque Jewellery Design

"I love being a Foundation member of Network NZ - joining up was an 'no-brainer' decision. The value I get from being a member far outweighs the financial cost. I'm also involved in several specialist sub-groups via my membership and I honestly couldn't have managed to become 'good' at Instagram, especially, without them! My products have received added exposure from collab. giveaways and markets, and the support and networking opportunities through the Foundation community members is priceless. I'd recommend joining Network NZ to any Kiwi small business owner!"

Andrea Little, Baby Banz NZ

"I have been a Network NZ Foundation Member since its inception and I can honestly say it was one of the best business decisions I have made. Michelle has done such a phenomenal job of building such a fantastic business community. Being a small business owner working from home is often isolating however being in this group has made me feel part of a wider community. The support that comes along with the membership is invaluable - whether it is running a question past others or reading #toptips and celebrating our #winning moments with our daily hashtags. It's great to work with a group of positive, like-minded people who are serious about their businesses but are also genuinely nice people who want to see each other succeed. Also, as mine is a product based business I have found the collabs, giveaways and markets absolutely fantastic - both for getting my name out there as well as getting sales. I have grown my business since joining, and have also grown my confidence as a small business owner. If you are serious about making your business work and want to be amongst people who are not only supportive but have been there and done that, look no further. You will not find more bang for your buck then joining Network NZ Foundation Members now!"

Jo-Anna Hohua, Jo-Annas Attic

"I joined the Network NZ Facebook page when I first started up my business; I’ve learnt so much from this group, it blew my mind how helpful all the business owners were on sharing their knowledge, so I had no hesitation on becoming a foundation member too! My business has definitely grown from what I have learnt from being a Network NZ member. Thank you Michelle and all the members of the Network NZ team for all your amazing help!"

Bridget Isted, Little Hugs Baby

"I'm new to business after 8 years in corporate HR roles and I'm also new back to Nelson where I grew up, after living and working in Wellington for 8 years. When I started my business in February 2016 I was looking for an online networking business community to be a part of and came across Network NZ. I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did joining (as a Foundation member) - it's a really well organised group by the lovely Michelle, there's amazing support from other group members on a daily basis, the online coaching sessions are super helpful and it's really reasonably priced, not like most other groups that seem to charge the earth and you get very little in return! I'm absolutely loving being a part of Network NZ, I'm so glad I found it!"

Jacqui Ward, Abel HR - People & Performance

"I have been part of the Network NZ Community for the past few years and can highly recommend becoming a member, the support is endless!! With so many amazing hints, tips and ideas it is the best way to kick-off your small business and watch it grow. Everyone supports each other and Michelle, the captain of this ship, is incredible - does she ever sleep!! Social media is a mine field but help is always on hand when you are a Network NZ Member."

Sandra Waine, Sandra Waine Printmaker

"Becoming a Foundation Member of Network NZ has definitely been one of the best decision I have made since starting Bee My Baby. The advice, support, friendship, workshops, markets and collaborated giveaways are absolutely amazing. Being in business can sometimes feel like an uphill climb and can be isolating but belonging to Network NZ makes things so much easier. If you are a business owner I strongly recommend that you join today! You won't regret it."

Leanne, Bee My Baby

"I've been a member of the Network Business Group on facebook for a few years now. I've always enjoyed the friendly support from like-minded business owners, and now with the introduction of the Foundation Group, I'm assured an even tighter network of skilled, knowledgeable business mentors. It's great to know that when I'm stuck making a big decision, I can call on the experts in the group to help me through!"

Kat, NailArtFX

"My Facebook page is set to open to Foundation Network NZ Business first thing each morning. This online Networking group packs so much more valuable expertise from a wide range of business people sharing experiences, great offers, Webinars and churns out motivation. I regard it as my personal 'Business Fairy Godmother'. Walking your business journey feeling alone, especially if you might be working from home or being in a solo role within a business and want to share thoughts or ideas? Need motivation? Want to share an achievement or got a problem? This group of business people will cheer you on, or help offer solutions. Now contracted to another business today, I'm still finding both the personal experiences and professional information within this group valuable, across a wide range of business topics -  social media, business regulations, website presentation etc. And the fun social chats are a hoot! Administered by a top team, based in New Zealand with a great crew of friendly experts popping in and out to offer advice. All I can suggest is just join up today for a free trial and find out for yourself."

Carol Spring, My Stitchy Hugs

"Michelle works tirelessly to gather up experts and resources on all sorts of business related topics. My biggest problem is making time to use them all! There is a swag of great advice no matter what your business. The group is full of people prepared to offer support, share those obscure online links that can take an age to find, and a different point of view. The sub is well worth it. There is a lot more going on in this group than in many that cost way more."

Sue Lovett, Matua Gardens Retreat & A Classic Ride

"I've been with Network NZ for a little while now and I'm loving it. It is my priority Facebook group and the one I interact with the most. Although I'm a coach and so seeing people face to face, I really enjoy the networking with other business owners. Being able to meet my local Foundation Members at get togethers is a real bonus. I love the comraderie in the group and the genuine friendliness and community that Michelle has built into Network NZ. I have made new friends and useful business connections through the group. I don't think there is a day goes by that I don't learn something new from the group. The resource base is fantastic and the webinars really useful. There are so many knowledgeable people who are more than happy to share their skills and tips. Michelle does an awesome job of instigating and co-ordinating very successful events in the group such as the giveaways, markets, promotions etc. I can truthfully say that operating my business and instigating new platforms and working on my website in the last year would have been a damn site harder without the Network NZ family. I wouldn't hesitate to join in."

Fiona Dieleman, FionaDee

"I have been a Foundation member since I launched my business in early 2016, the amount of support from like-minded people in business has been huge. The Foundation Membership fee is the best money I have spent on my business yet! A great community and network of people with so much opportunity to grow your business, be involved and get any support you need."

Candice, Infinity Marketing

"I've been a member of the NZ Business Facebook page for a couple of years now and because I found it so incredibly helpful with my business I didn't hesitate in joining the website Network NZ. There are some great offers for members, one of which I undertook this week. It was a training session on accountability and it's really helped kicked my butt into gear. When working from home in your own business it's easy to do only the jobs you want to do and the bigger and more daunting (but very important) jobs never get done. I'm yet to explore everything this website has to offer but already I can recommend signing up. In my opinion it's such a small price to pay for all they have to offer and for upcoming events." 

Sue Hauser-Deakin from Kandle Co.

“Becoming a part of Network NZ (as a Foundation member) was one of the best decisions I made as a business owner. The wealth of knowledge within the group is hugely beneficial if you are new to business or just a business owner in New Zealand. You make connections with other businesses which is a valuable resource and helps to also spread the word about the work that you doing should you choose to engage with the group. The group is a safe place to seek advice on problems you are having or if you are unsure about what to do next. The group also provides you with a sense of belonging to something if you work in isolation, there is a community of business people out there who too find themselves in the same situation as you. Remember in business it is a lot of hard work and a lot about who you know, this is an opportunity not to be missed which you will not regret.”

Jennifer Butler – Smallprint Jewellery (Wellington)

"I highly recommend becoming a foundation member of Network NZ. This membership/directory has only just begun and is already so helpful. My little start-up was dragging its feet and now I have achieved more in a week than in the previous month! Add to all the awesome tools, tips and experts, the exposure your page gets and it’s a no brainer! With the continuation of Michelle's obvious dedication, I can only imagine the ways it will grow and how key it will be in my own business success. Get in while the price is low!!"  

Danni Winmill from Winmill Creative.

"As a work at home mum I rely on the online support I get, to help grow my business and to make business decisions. The Network NZ community is a crucial part of this support and the knowledge and expertise that is available to assist members is exceptional. I have already joined two separate webinars that were offered free to foundation members. I highly recommend The Network NZ for both the additional online exposure of your business as well as the skill base and expertise that is offered to support and grow kiwi businesses both big, and small."

Mariana Martin, Mayhem Creations NZ

"The value of being a member is huge. Lots of supports from the admin ( thank you Michelle ) and all the experts in their field to add value into my business. Coaching session are awesome, meet other businesses and giving exposure more to my businesses as it helps each other. The sense of community and belonging are so great. I recommend it become a member of you want to grow your business and focus in what you do best with helping from community here and experts."

Yhodie, Yhodesign

"Foundation membership with Network NZ has been an absolute must for my business. It's helped me grow so much even just in the last few months of being a member. The support and advice is invaluable but getting to know the other members and getting great contacts has been the best thing for me. Because of Network NZ I've got a fabulous new website on it's way, and an awesome accountability coach who keeps me on track and helps me achieve my business goals. I am learning so much from the business coaching sessions too! My business is getting bigger and better every day and I can thank Network NZ for that!"

Hannah Porter. Alare Weddings

"I can't explain enough the amount of absolute inspiration, drive, advice and motivation I get from having a Foundation membership with Network NZ. After joining in late 2015 I have had access to industry experts, received valued advice, made career changing decisions and been inspired by some of NZ's best! I even gained the courage to quit my full time job and focus solely on my own business.For anyone thinking about joining, stop thinking and do it, it'll be the best investment to start your business in the right track.Thank you Michelle and all the members of Network NZ!"

Jono Smeets, Create Something Ltd

"I started my own Graphic Design business in April this year (2015). I was unsure about anything ‘business wise’. I joined the Network NZ Business Group not long after I started my business and the support has been amazing. I love the group and so pleased to be a part of it. I have ‘met’ many great people along the way who have been supportive and encouraging. You can ask a question and know that you will get an honest response. I signed up for the Foundation Members Network NZ group and that has taken the support and laughs to a new level. Everyone is lovely and we all support each other where we can. In this world we need to be supportive of each other and this group does that. Proud to be a member of Network NZ." 

Helen Mischewski, One Bite Graphic Design

"Becoming a Foundation member of Network NZ has been one of my best business decisions of 2015. As a work at home mum the group is invaluable for information, guidance and advice and it’s always so comforting knowing there are others out there in a similar situation. Being able to connect with like-minded small business owners helps motivate me to learn and grow my own business. If you’re considering joining I would highly recommend it."

Alana Steyn from Mud Mates.

"I originally started out in the large free business group back in April 2014 when I started my new business journey. I spent hours going through the posts for advice, information and inspiration on how to get my small business up and running. I can't even begin to describe how valuable the group was to me as a business owner. When Michelle announced the launch of the Network NZ members group I loved the idea but at the time wasn't going to pursue my business anymore. Call it a gut feeling, or a curiosity I felt I needed to follow, but I joined the group as a foundation member and I am ecstatic that I did. There is a members Facebook group full of daily topics where small business owners come together and celebrate each others successes, ask for advice, inspire others and give support. The directory listing on the Network NZ website is a great way for me to search for other NZ businesses and to help others find me. I am also loving the social media exposure via Facebook and Instagram and have noticed my followers on both steadily increase. This is just a small taste of what being a Foundation Member has meant to me so far, but it has already paid itself off and is a valuable tool in my business plan. I look forward to seeing your business in the directory and seeing you in the group."

Alicia Pamplin from Look Sew Good.

"I have been a member of the Network NZ Business Group for a few years and have learnt so much from this group. When I found out Michelle was creating a website and a paid Facebook group I knew this would be a great investment and I wouldn’t be disappointed. My membership has already paid for itself in such a short time, from the online webinars on accountability and how to write a blog by the experts in those fields to the collaboration giveaway I took part in. Throw into the mix the promotion of our businesses on the NNZ website and other social media platforms and you have value for money in your membership!"

Janine Langdon-Lee from Made for Me Studio.

"When I joined the (big) Network NZ Facebook group I had just started my embroidery business and besides having some idea around product and basic knowledge of social media, I really didn't know where to go next. I found great value in the group where I learnt the answer to many questions I didn't even know I had before.When Michelle started the Network NZ memberships, I had some hesitations about joining initially, but decided to give it a go and I haven't looked back. I've only been a member for a couple of months but I already feel that I have gained so much more by doing so. The network and learning opportunities have been fantastic and I genuinely feel like I have a good support network which helps to motivate and refocus me on my goals on days where I feel a bit lost." 

Mandy Chamberlian from Veronica and Me.

"When I saw Michelle advertising memberships I jumped at the opportunity. Since joining, I’ve to realise that membership is SO MUCH MORE than just an effective directory listing. I have had the chance to meet and collaborate with a wide range of business owners in a super supportive environment, attend mentoring webinars delivered by leaders in their field, and have my business actively promoted for me on the NNZ website and across a range of social media platforms. I have gained useful tools to help me work smarter, and be more effective with my advertising which has resulted in noticeable improvements in my business performance. While I work alone, it’s so nice not to feel like a solo business owner working in isolation." 

Lois Masterson from Custom Keepsakes.

"I joined the larger Network NZ Business Group around 2 years ago. I didn't know what to expect. The common sense approach and the openness and humour of group members is so refreshing - people who don't know each other giving amazing advice and direction - and even more than that - total strangers giving the moral support and much needed encouragement that small business owners so need - the group members just get the plight of the small business owner. When the Foundation Members group was started there was no way I was going to miss that, even though I had just sold my main business and taken a job with the purchaser. The new group is more structured and includes structured webinars, which are totally awesome. I have not had time yet to participate in the Facebook and Instagram campaigns and Markets but will soon be coming back to the small business platform and feel very lucky to be part of this fantastic organisation! I very much recommend it."

Julie Comber from Baliba Fragrances Auckland.

“I discovered the Network NZ Business Facebook group about a year ago and found an amazing group of business people who were very generous in sharing their expertise. So when Michelle announced the launch of the Network NZ Foundation members group I had no hesitation in signing up as a Foundation Member. The networking, support, and members-only webinars have been invaluable. I have found a new accountant, received help from our web gurus and learnt so much from the other members. It has certainly been a very worthwhile investment in my business and I highly recommend it.”

Karen Platzer from African Encounters Ltd.

"I have been a Network NZ Business Group member since February 2015 and have since become a Foundation Member and Network NZ VIP Endorsed Supplier. Becoming a member was one of the best things I could have done for myself and for my business. The knowledge, advice and support which I have received from other members has been invaluable. With the ability to ask questions, speak to experts and attend training sessions (amongst many other benefits), I have gained a wealth of knowledge which has helped me to grow my business and develop myself, my skills and my abilities in the process.  The level of exposure my business has received as a result of my membership has been far greater than I could ever have imagined. I feel privileged to be a Network NZ member."

Kate Wilkes from Speckle Spot Creative.

"I've been a member of the Network NZ Facebook Group for a number of years now which is full of daily topics where small business owners celebrate each other’s successes, ask for advice, inspire others and give support and because I found it so helpful I didn't hesitate in joining Network NZ. I highly recommend the Network NZ website for the additional online exposure of your business as well as the skill base and expertise that is offered to support and grow kiwi businesses both big, and small. Membership to this site is something that you can’t afford to be without I highly recommend becoming a Foundation member of Network NZ'.

Linda Fraser, Mary Kay Cosmetics Consultant.

"One of the biggest challenges I have faced with running an online business would be the isolation. Working from home behind a computer screen can be really challenging. The Network NZ Business Group was founded in 2012 by another small kiwi business owner by the name of Michelle Goulevitch. In a nutshell, Michelle realised that there was basically no virtual support place for wee kiwi work at home businesses so she went out and made one. I have been a proud member of this group since the olden days. Over the years it has gone from strength to strength. I have learnt so much in there - it would be impossible to overstate how much. Recently, Network NZ has branched out and gotten its very own website! If you are a NZ Business owner then I strongly recommend you look into it. Membership to this site is something that you cant afford to be without. I can with out a doubt say that Cobalt Heights wouldnt be what it is today without the help of this awesome little community."

Sian Roberts from Cobalt Heights.

"Having been a part of the large Network NZ FB group for a few years now, I jumped at the chance to become a Foundation Member. So far, it has been of great value to me as a small business owner. It is fantastic to meet, network and support other fellow business owners – we have so much talent in NZ! The Pressie Box benefits from the promotion of our business on the Network NZ website as well as regular shout outs across Social Media on FB and Instagram. I have recently had the opportunity to take part in a webinar with the fabulous Natalie Cutler Walsh, a session from which I gained valuable information that will be of great use going forward."

 Rachael Beale from The Pressie Box.

"I was lucky enough to win a Foundation Membership and was pleasantly welcomed by other members upon joining. Since joining I have been grateful for the sense of collegiality you instantly feel by other members. There is a number of additional resources only accessible on the members only page which has been truly informative and helpful for me as a new business owner. There is a wealth of information available through online workshops and expert advice and help available to members too. I've been absolutely blown away by the support, resources and information and would recommend membership to anyone serious about building their business and networking."

Amanda MoresiI from Mind Space.

"Being a member of Network NZ has given me access to a wonderful group of business owners to network with. Whether it is bouncing ideas off one another, attracting new clients or asking for help, Network NZ has become my most important business resource. It is the best investment my business has ever made!"

Jackie Procter from Jackie Procter Copywriter.

"The social media coaching session was very valuable to me. I learned vital secrets about content and value for my followers, apps and other tools I can use to maximise my success. Most importantly I really enjoyed the discussions between fellow small biz owners about their struggles and solutions. It made me feel like I wasn't alone."

Sarah Meys from Meys Made.

"I  had got myself into a rut, doubting myself and in a place where I did not know what to do or where to go next with my business. Until I joined Network NZ as a foundation member. I have met so many amazingly creative, business savvy people who I have been able to connect with, I have been able to get the answers to questions I have had and I now am excited about the future of my business, of course I know where to go when I get stuck again (or need a good deals/or laugh)."

Yvette Stoupe from Party by Design.

"I have been a foundation member of Network NZ for a few months now and in that time I have attended 2 free events run by other foundation members where I have gained lots of useful information that helps me with my businesses. I like the friendly atmosphere of the other members, like all the discounts we get offered from other members and I like the fact that I am getting to meet other like minded people who are in small business like me."

Rebecca Crewe Lui from Scents by Rebecca - Independant Scentsy Consultant. 

If you are an existing Foundation Member we would LOVE it if you could provide a testimonial about the value you re getting from your membership!