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    The Common - The Entrepreneurs Playground

    Suites 5,6,7 Suites One,Parnell,Auckland City 1149,New Zealand
    0800 332 007
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    The Entrepreneurs Playground

    Be part of an exclusive community of Entrepreneurs & CEOs that helps you drive your business to the next level. Explore new possibilities, new ventures, meet like-minded people and watch ideas grow through sharing & support.

    When you work and play with other entrepreneurs, you achieve more and lift the community around you.

    As a member of The Common business community, you gain access not only to our world-class facilities and high-performance training but to a wealth of knowledge and support from a community who share your values and your vision for the future.

    Enjoy areas to relax, inspire… Areas to work on your business and on yourself. Attend events with inspiring guest speakers and mingle with people who are go-getters and self-starters. We provide you wtih everything you need to achieve your professional & personal goals. 

    At The Common, we don’t just want people to come in, sit in silos, use the photocopier, and leave. That’s why our Coaches & your Community Director exists.

    We deep dive into your business & your professional & personal goals & then we do everything to support you to achieve these.

    Greeted at the door, assistance is offered with your daily challenges & you are connected with other members so you can take advantage of all The Common has to offer.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking The Common was just another place where you can hot-desk, host events, and drink mediocre coffee.

    Not so much... What we offer is an invigorating community space, where you can work ON your business, instead of IN your business.

    While you can take advantage of our permanent desks, meeting rooms, and hot-desk facilities, the real value of The Common is being part of an exclusive business club that will support you to achieve your goals.

    Not everyone can play in the entrepreneur’s’ playground. Membership is limited to those who share and embrace our values. When you enter The Common and speak with other members, you know you’re with like-minded people.

    Think you’re a good fit? Register your interest and our Community Director will give you a tour and learn about your values, how you work, and what you want to achieve.



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    Suites 5,6,7 Suites One,Parnell,Auckland City 1149,New Zealand
    0800 332 007

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