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    WE Team

    Grey Lynn ,Auckland 1021,New Zealand
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    Make WE Team your Team

    WE Team was formed to meet your administrative, marketing and book-keeping needs cost effectively, while helping people in genuine hardship.

    WE know what being a business owner is like.  WE know how hard it is to put time aside to handle the basic operational requirements of running a business because you are too busy growing your top line revenue.  WE know how difficult the decision is to bring on an employee when sometimes you can’t even pay yourself.

    How do we know this?  WE’ve been there.  WE’ve walked in your shoes.

    WE Team was the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, each trying to build their businesses but finding themselves up at night handling all the mundane but necessary tasks, or trying to upskill themselves on new social and other marketing methods.

    Working with an amazing virtual assistant in the Philippines, the entrepreneurs realized that this was a service that other business owners would love to have access to – if they could be sure of the quality of the expertise – and that in the process, WE could change people’s lives, both in NZ and the Philippines.

    A collaboration between these two visionary entrepreneurs and their amazing assistant, WE Team was formed as a social enterprise reinvesting its 50% of its profits into our WE Team community in the Philippines, through direct dividends and micro-finance.


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    Grey Lynn ,Auckland 1021,New Zealand

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