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    Willowgrove Consulting Limited

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    ~ Setting You On The Right Path ~

    Willowgrove Consulting as an advisory business was established in 2012, with Jon-Paul (J-P), and his wife Satya, focusing on personal life insurance advice.

    With time and understanding of the questions and challenges small business owners have presented, co-ordinating a wider range of support and risk solutions for small businesses has been where the business has evolved.

    This has enabled J-P to utilise his skills with working with small businesses for over 20 years to drive better outcomes and profitability though excellent risk management. 

    With the support of Kim Oliver, also working as an adviser, we have a team, while small, is able to address quite unique situations many small businesses in New Zealand face.

    Kim's strength lies with insurance advice and understanding small businesses that distribute products, while J-P's focus is more service businesses, though either of us can help you manage your risks in more cost effective ways.

    With 97% of businesses in New Zealand being under 20 employees, we think we're going to be quite busy for the foreseeable future, as no-one else has the focus across the wide range of support we provide.

    And the majority of it come fee free. That's fees, not premiums. The premiums still need paying.

    With our ability to not only so the personal life insurance work you expect, we also cover:

    •     ACC levy management   
    •     General and Liability Insurance
    •     Health & Safety planning and advice
    •     Policy structure
    •     Business risk structuring
    •     Personal risks, Life Cover, Disability & Income Protection, Trauma, and Medical insurance
    •     General KiwiSaver Advice 
    •     Mortgage & debt protection
    •     Business risk management
    •     Self-employed risks
    •     Shareholder protection
    •     Key person protection
    •     Estate planning
    •     Medical underwriting
    •     Claim management; both Insurance & ACC claims

    A core point for small businesses right now, today!, is health & Safety planning. With WorkSafe's focus on compliance, this is becoming a more significant area for small businesses to address.

    We have one of the most cost effective approaches to managing this with the support of qualified H&S specialists in a way small businesses can cope with both the cost, and the changes needed. Yes, it is a compliance pain in the butt, in much he same way Tax, GST, and ACC is more many small businesses. At the same time it still needs to be managed.

    We help you protect those things that matter most to you, by managing your risks. This includes things like your lifestyle, children, home, income and your business. Consider us your personal risk manager, keeping an eye out for the other things you need to also be aware of.

    Let us sort out all of your insurance issues quickly and without fuss. Phone us or visit our website to get in touch.

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    • The depth of knowledge second to none!


      From insurance to Health & Safety, ACC and everything in between, JP is the absolute leader in his field. His depth of knowledge means you know you are getting the absolute best advice, and something that you can truly rely on. I am so glad that I have JP's expertise to guide me in both the business and personal space. I recommend JP & Willowgrove to all my friends and family. If you want the expert, JP is your guy!
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    • Making Insurance Hassle Free!


      JP has been such an incredible help to both my family and my businesses, he really knows his stuff and can explain it to you in a way that you can fully understand what you need and what you're getting without trying to decipher small print.  JP is incredibly personable and has gone out of his way to help us with everything from medical, life cover as well as business insurance and health and safety.  Highly recommend JP!
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    5i Miro Place,Albany,Auckland 0632,Auckland,New Zealand
    09 973 2849
    021 022 69 127
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